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The lessons on this website provide a sample of the content in full licensed versions of Merit Software.

In order to purchase complete editions of Merit programs covering reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and math please visit

Learn More About Merit Reading Programs is based on the following Merit reading improvement programs. Click the links below to get curriculum information, screen shots, and free trials.
Reading Comprehension Booster
Helps students improve reading comprehension - on the web!
Reading Skill Builder
Helps students transition to read at higher levels - on the web!
Vocabulary Stretch
Builds knowledge of word origins, recognition, and meanings - on the web!
Confused Words Fix-Up
Interactive, english vocabulary exercises with progress tracking - on the web!
Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Effective Reading
Helps students improve reading comprehension.
Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Upper Grades
Helps students improve reading comprehension with longer and more challenging texts.


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