Technical Issues

System Requirements for this web site are a Netscape Navigator 4.0 browser or higher, or a Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 browser or newer, using a window display of 800 x 600 or larger.  In addition, your browser must be able to run JavaScript 1.2 or higher.


Note: If the above box says "Congratulations, you have passed the browser check!"  you may use this web site.

This web site's interactivity is based on the use of JavaScript.  When users first begin writing using this web site, a security alert box may appear on their browser.  This can occur the first time a browser comes into contact with any JavaScript.  If this occurs on your browser, we suggest that you select the check box option that asks the browser NOT to show you this message when working with a file of this type.

AOL users must consider that they might not have either one of these browsers installed on their system. AOL users may get error messages if they try to use this site within the default AOL browser.  The best solution is to minimize AOL and use a free browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to access this site.

To do this, download and install a free browser from either Netscape or Microsoft.  Then logon on to AOL.  When the AOL Main Menu appears, hit the "minimize" button and type into the Internet address window and press "enter."


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